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With a Couture Parisian background, inspired by the Atelier of Lesage, Victoria established her Company over 20 years ago. Her ultimate vision was ‘to meet the highest standards possible, and to design with a sensibility that overreached other embroidered fabrics that she had
seen on the market’.

Victoria has worked in conjunction with some of the world’s leading interior designers on projects around the world from residential work for private individuals and celebrities, to for luxurious superyachts.

Her work also covers five star and boutique hotels with commissions for hotel groups such as The Corinthia, The Four Seasons; The Sandy Lane, Barbados; The Grosvenor Hotel; The Dorchester, Chewton Glen and Cliveden House Hotel.

An unparalleled knowledge of embroidery stitch by both Victoria and her highly gifted team of machine embroiderers, allows for a range of unique embroideries.

Victoria is passionate about the vast opportunities incorporating embellishment into your scheme can bring. Embroidery can simply transform a room be it as a textural detail, or as a hint or introduction of colour. Victoria sees it ‘as an important accent detail that can simply pull a scheme together.’


Victoria produces one collection a year and each annual collection pushes the
boundaries of the last. Victoria is inspired by technically breaking new ground be that through a new technique or working on a new substrate.

These designs are then scanned into computer software where they are digitised for the multi-head embroidery machine,

Victoria believes that for a greater understanding and connection with the final end product the provenance of each of these designs is equally important, as a result extensive research, from 6 months often, goes into each collection.

Victoria’s design process begins with a moodboard. moving to the design stage, of which Victoria believes avidly in the ‘hand drawn’.